Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Church of Masku / Iglesia de Masku / L'église de Masku / Maskun kirkko

In English:

Church of Masku is situated in South-Western part of Finland, nearby city of Turku.

This church is exceptional beautiful inside. History of this church starts from 13th century when local people in Masku started to make plans for church. Most probably church was started to build in 14th century. The pulpit inside has been built in 1642 and it is a war pillage from the war that lasted in Europe 30 years during 1618-1648. Also as You see, there very beautiful Votiivi-ship in church. I have been telling very much about Votiivi-ships in my Porvoo church blog, check for letter P to find Porvoo, please.

En español:

La iglesia de Masku se halla en la parte del sudoeste de Finlandia, cerca de la ciudad de Turku.

Esta iglesia es excepcional hermosa adentro. Su historia tiene comienzo del siglo XIII cuando la gente del lugar en Masku empezaron a hacer planes para la iglesia. Posiblemente iglesia fue empezada a construir en el siglo XIV. El púlpito dentro ha sido construido en 1642 y es un pillaje de la guerra, de la guerra que duró en Europa 30 años durante 1618-1648. También como Usted ve, el Votiivi-Barco allí está muy hermoso en la iglesia. He contado mucho más acerca de Votiivi-Barcos en mi blog de la iglesia de Porvoo, verifica la letra P para que descubrir Porvoo, por favor.
En français:

L'église de Masku est située dans la partie du Sud-ouest de Finlande, proche de la ville de Turku.

Cette église est exceptionnelle belle à l'intérieur. L'histoire de d'église commence du 13e siècle quand les gens locales dans Masku ont commencé à faire des projets pour l'église. Plus probablement l'église a été commencé à construire dans le 14e siècle. La chaire a été incorporé 1642 et c'est un pillage de guerre, de la guerre qui a duré dans Europe 30 années pendant 1618-1648. Aussi comme Vous voyez, là-bas il y a un très beau Votiivi-Bateau dans l'église. Je dit plus beaucoup des Votiivi-Bateaux dans mon blog d'église de Porvoo, verifiez-vous la lettre P pour trover Porvoo, s'il vous plaît.


Tämä kaunis kivikirkko sijaitsee Lounais-Suomessa Turun lähistöllä. Kirkko on erittäin kaunis sisältä.

Maskun kirkon historia ulottuu aina 1300 luvulle jolloin paikalliset asukkaat ovat ryhtyneet toimenpiteisiin kirkon saamiseksi alueelleen. Todennäköisesti kirkkoa alettiin rakentamaan 1400 luvulla. Kirkossa on upea saarnastuoli, joka on vuodelta 1642 ja se on saatu sotasaaliina 30-vuotisen sodan (1618-1648) ajoilta. Kirkossa on erittäin kaunis ja suuritöinen Votiivi-laiva. Votiivi- laivoista olen kertonut laajasti Porvoon kirkon blogissa.


Anonymous said...

Värikäs, kuin sadusta :)

Carrizo said...

Aivan. Itse asissa kyllä suomalaiset kirkot ovat omalla tavallaan edustavia ja niitä kelpaa esitellä kesäisin muiden maiden matkailijoille.

Unknown said...

Hola, eso del barco votivo, se me hizo interesante en cada iglesia que visité, ya que no lo vi en ninguna otra fuera de Finlandia.

Carrizo said...

¡Hola Dagmar!

Si, barco votiivos son interessantes, no sólo enigmáticos como mucha la gente las, pero la idea detrás.

Me alegre muchisíma que has visitando mi blog algo único en nuestra mundo.

Consuelo Quesada Mayorga said...

Excelente idea en construir este blog sobre las iglesias de Finlandia, que son tan hermosas e históricas.
Muy bella la iglesia y excelentes fotos. Sos un gran fotógrafo Sir Vili

Carrizo said...


Tus palabaras y tu opinión tienen un gran valor para mí.

Muchas gracias por tu visita aqui.

Mustang Mike said...

Wow. Wow. What wonderful pictures! I am going to send this site to a good friend of mine who is Finnish. He has been back to the homeland of his parents many times and maybe has visited some of the churches shown. I bet he will have more excitement that I!
Thank you again for taking the time to show off these most beautiful churches!! Mike

Carrizo said...

Hello Mike.

Oh, thank You visiting and commenting so nicely my church blog. I hope that Your friend will find something interesting to him. If not so I am sure that when he checks my home pages, then he’ll find:

About Me

My photo
My hobby is photographing churches and other things in Finland. History of our churches starts about from 13th century. There are some specialities in our churches. Such are separated bell towers and carved wooden beggars outside churches. I am living in southern part of Finland about 50 kilometres / 35 miles north of Helsinki (capital of Finland). My other hobbies are South American popular music as Cumbias having them few hundreds records. Also gardening is one of my hobbies. I have been working all my life for our national air line company Finnair and now I am retired from my job. Languages are my hobbies also in that way, that at this moment I have been learning Spanish by reading Spanish books. Earlier I was reading French Sci-Fi books during 32 years. I am in good physical shape due to that I am daily walking much and eating healthful food. Also fast cars are my hobbies. I have car with 280 hp. It is a dream car for me. I hope that You enjoy my photos and make Your comments.


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